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Dhanurasana  has numerous benefits. It is a combination of two asanas (Bhujangasana - the cobra pose, in which only the front of the torso is raised, and the Shalabhasana or the grasshopper asana, in which the legs are raised).


• Lie down on a mat, on your stomach. 
• Bring your feet up, by bending your knees.
• Hold your ankles with your hands.
• Breathe In. Use the force of your hands, pull your feet so your thighs are off the floor. Simultaneously, lift your head, shoulders and chest from the floor. 
• Look up Hold this pose for around five to eight seconds, more if possible. 
• Your body would be in the shape of a bow, with only your stomach and pelvic area resting on the floor. The entire weight of your body would essentially be concentrated on your navel area. 


• Strengthens kidneys.
• Strengthens back muscles.
• Strengthens thigh muscles.
• In addition, it is also found to be extremely beneficial for diabetics and those with constipation problems. 

Advice and Precautions:

• Avoid in cases of hernia slipped disc and duodenal ulcer.
• During menses and pregnancy, women shouldnot practise this. 

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