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Words of All Saints School - Pune

Dear Atman,
    As a sculptor needs a piece of marble to carve & chisel into a fine image, so also one needs a good guidance to master one’s life style. As the rays of Sun enters the dark place and give brightness to that place. As the scorching rays of Sun finds immense relief and happiness in the cool shades of trees. This book leads you in that way.
     Just as the Chataka bird waits for long quenches, the holy book quenches all your desires only by reaching it 5 times. Every person needs these qualities e.g. sincerity, faith, willingness, earnestness. But due to bad and wicked company, he falls a pray to bad qualities in life. This book leads to ‘Adhyatma Vidhya’ i.e. the science of inner most essence of the universe. The book helps you to be true, achieve your goal, success in life, virtues in life, real happiness. To achieve these goals with different life style one must learn the yoga, pranayam i.e. given in the book. The story of gardener reminds us to be alert from the luxurious life, because it guides us to unknown path of misery. This book guides us to reach our goal in a short time with less efforts and expenses. It tells us that the values are born but do not scatter it away, put them in a safe place which will be utilized in future. The cause of sorrow is deeply rooted in every individual but if shown a proper way to fulfill it, the sorrow will vanish.
    Where blind folded reaches some undesirable destination due to lack of sight. So this is made easier with the help of this book.
    The book should reach to each and every person of high or lower level of the society.
    At last we pray to him receive the blessings to make ourselves fit for worshiping and to attain illumination in our life. By worshiping him we shall be free to attain to the glories of life.
    This is not a book but a Holy Scripture.

Rupa Naidu
All Saints School , Khadki , Pune


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