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Friendship was an account of God

A Sadhak (spiritual aspirant) named  Jaidev   believed  all  works  to  be   solely the  grace  of  God. He  did  not squander his youth  indulging  in sensual  pleasers, rather  he dedicated  it to  meditation and  devotion of  the supreme  Being.
With the passage of time, he grew old; and due to misfortune, he suffered a loss in his business. Considering this to be the grace of God as well, he began to live a retired life. His sons were still of the formative ages. The son of  a wealthy  man  compassionate  enough  to think, “Jaidev  is  presently  living  in the abject  poverty. Let me provide some assistance to him.”
He put   2000  gold  coins  in a  purse  and  sent  it through  his  servant   to  Jaidev.The servant  went  to  Jaidevji  and  said , “Sethiji and  you  were  friends. Sashimi’s son considers   you as his uncle.  He  has  instructed  me  not  to  return without  giving this purse to  you . Now please be kind enough to accept these gold coins.”
At that time, Jaidev was engrossed in Parmatma Bhava  (True  self). Later when he got up , he called  his son  and said , “ Go and return this purse of gold coins to the seth’s  son”.
The son replied , “ Father! Do you have a heart or not  Presently , we are managing our affairs subsistence. Right now we have no money  for education , nor can we buy proper clothes. And now when the seth’s son has sent 2000 gold coins , please keep them for us at least , not for yourself. We are your sons , at least take care of your family”.
Jaidev said, “son!  The basis of our friendship was God , not money. Should I tarnish that Godly relationship for a mere 2000 gold coins  you may have simple food ,wear simple clothes , live a life of frugality , but take care not to stain my love for God. My devotion to the  lord is not meant  for a luxurious life , nor is it to make  my sons lazy and realistic .My devotion is meant only for my lord .”

These words of the jaidev , that came from the depths   of his heart , changed his sons heart . He took the 2000 gold coins and returning them to the seth’s son, said: My father most certainly had a  friendship with your father ; however  it was for the sake of the God , for the sake of the Satsang . They did not become friends for any give- and-take relationship. Therefore , I have come to return these gold coins to you.”
This had a great impact on the Seth’s son . Earlier he had sent gold coins through his servant , but now he himself  came carrying 5000 gold coins , in place of 2000 gold coins , and paying obeisance  at the feet of the Jaidevji , requested  ,” uncle! Please have mercy ! please accept this gift , and in return give me the gold coins of the devotion and love for the God that yoy have .”
Jaidev said ,”Dear son ! Devotion and love for God can not be sold   in exchange for gold coins. It is just showered freely . Son! If you also pray to God with a pure heart ,  then devotion and love for God  will spring up in your heart  too.”

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