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Cultivate Philosophical Thinking


Pain comes to awaken you. And pleasure comes to enrich your life with Divine Love and Self-Knowledge. Don’t curse those who give you pain, and don’t be attached to those who give you pleasure.
There was a fakir named Junnaid. He was extremely found of his only son. His wife thought, ‘God forbid, if something untoward happens to our son or he leaves home, my husband will go mad.’ And it so happened that their only son was killed in an accident. Junnaid’s wife thought, ‘Now my husband will wail and beat his breast. He will become depressed.’
Junnaid’s followers came to offer condolences to him. Junnaid passed whole day with them. His wife kept on watching. All those who had come to console Junnaid left the place after saying words of consolation.
At night, his wife asked, ”Don’t you feel sad”? You are lying down after taking a good meal as if nothing has happened. There is no sign of sorrow on your face. There seems to be no grief in your mind. The way you loved our son, I had thought you would become melancholic; but I find you completely unaffected.”
Junnaid said, “I was shocked in the beginning. But I have been associated with saints and they have taught me that one should assess the circumstances. I thought, ’When I came to this world, I didn’t have a son. I was sure to be without a son after some time. I had the notion of having a son only in the intervening period. The ocean is water in the beginning and in the end. Waves appear in the middle. In the same way, the body (of my son) made of five elements of nature appeared. Our son had been the son of so many before he became our son. I too had been the father of many in my past lives. So many jivas come into being (microbes, sperms, etc) in the body. Some stay there to grow and many of them are passed into the gutter. Why should I lament over my son’s death? He died is a fact. Now he could not be brought back to life by lamentation. It is effect of satsang that such a tragedy could not disturb me. Meeting and parting are but parts of the divine lila. In satsang, I had learnt to see things in proper perspective. That learning stood me in good stead. Knowledge imparted by the Guru equips one with profound wisdom.”
Junnaid’s life-story is inspiring. His son’s death could not make him distressed. Praises could not make him conceited.
Junnaid said, ”He is my son. He died. His death should not occur—it is foolish to think so. By making thoughtful analysis of the circumstances, the foolishness is gone. This will give peace to me as well as to the son’s soul. You too should take meals. Don’t be foolish.”      
The wife said, “I too feel the same way. We should not make the departed soul haunt by lamenting over his/her death. Nor should we grieve over his/her death. Rather, we should analyse the circumstances. ‘Who belongs to whom and for how long?’ All these relationships are fictitious. They are like dry blades for some time, and then parting. कर्मानुबंधिनीमनुष्यलोके....We come in the world of men due to karmic bondage, and leave after some time. Meeting and parting is like the appearance and disappearance of bubbles and waves in the water.”
 ‘As the bubbles in the water well up and disappear again. So is the universe created; says Nanak, listen, O my friend!’
Next Article Shridhar Swami : Satsang turns a fool into a scholar
Previous Article This too will not last forever!’ ‘Shakir’
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