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Even stones respond to the language of love


Before he became Swami Rama Tirtha, professor Tirtharama used to live in a small rented room.

In those days, the walls and floors were plastered with mud and cow-dung only. 

There was a snake’s hole in his room wherein a poisonous black snake lived.

Before taking a meal, the professor would prepare a bowl of milk for the snake and invariably call it, “Come, my dear Kalu! My Kanhaiya!! Come….”

The poisonous snake would appear at the call, coil its body to sit and would start drinking milk, Tirtharama used to ask, ‘How was the milk?” 

It would answer by expanding its hood and swinging it. Thirtharama used to show his affection by caressing its hood. 

They would talk jovially for some time, and then Tirtharama would ask the snake to go back to its hole. Therefore Thirtharama used to take his meals.

People would warm the professor, ‘The snake is a ‘tamasic’(cruel) creature. Beware lest it should bite you.’

The professor would reply, ‘why will it do so? Neither I’m scared of the snake nor is it of me.’ Like this it went on for quite some time.

Once it so happened that snake would not come out of its hole. The professor kept the bowlful of milk and called it,”Come, my dear friend! Come. What’s the matter? Come, come.” 

As the snake didn’t appear, the platter of food for the professor also remained untouched. Tirtharama protested, ”This is no done! How can I take food, when you are displeased and are not taking milk?” 

Tirtharama got up without taking his meals. What a remarkable harmony with all living beings! Not mere words but living example!

Next day again he prepared a plate of food for himself and a bowl of milk for his friend and called the snake, “Come my friend! What’s the matter? 

Are you annoyed with me? I can’t enter your hole but you can come out in my house. Your house is a small hole; so I’m unable to enter it. 

Dear friend! It is better that you come out. I don’t know how to search you, how to please you, how to bring you out? Come out ….. come out dear …. 

Are you displeased with me? Please come out!”

The snake didn’t come out even on the second day. Thereupon the noble Tirtharama said, “ When you don’t come out to eat, I too leave the food and go.” And he went out. The same story was repeated on the third day as well. The neighbours were wonder-struck to see his consideration for the snake. They persuaded him, “After all it is a snake. It might have swallowed a rat from somewhere and may be sitting relaxed and you’re mad after him. It is better you take your meal. Already three days have passed without taking food.”

Tirtharama replied, “You don’t know! Even the stones respond to the language of love; this snake is a living god.”

“Whatever you may say, snakes are by nature blood thirsty. It will bite you.”

Thirtharama said, “Friend! If you want to bite me, do it. Have I done something wrong to you? Even the mistake committed by a lover is not hurtful, 

nevertheless, if I’ve hurt you, come and take my life…”And he placed his head, his check in front of the hole and said,” Take……take it 

if you’re thirsty of my blood? If you wish to take any revenge on me, do it. 

Express your wrath but please come out to drink milk. If you’re angry, be pleased. 

Take my life but don’t remain vexed and displeased with me. O my dear friend!”

Now what was there to take revenge? 

The snake was overwhlemd with affection, and came out of its hole and started slurping the milk. 

Tirtharama too started taking his food. What a spectacle of mutual love! Both were looking affably towards each other! What a language of love!

  प्रेम न खेतों ऊपजे प्रेम न हाट बिकाय |

राजा चहो प्रजा चहो शीश दिए ले जाय ||

अहं दिये ले जाय ||


 “Love is not grown in plantations. Nor can in the market-place be bought. Whether you are a king or a subject.

 You have to give your head, your ego as the price.”

The snake was satiated with milk and Tirtharama was satiated with his food. 

The snake spread its hood as usual ad Tirtharama started caressing it.

Now the snake coiled itself around Tirtharama’s neck and waved its hood in much the same way as snakes do around Lord Shiva’s neck; 

as if it were seeking pardon from Tirtarama for not coming out for three days. 

It appeared as both were embracing each other to experience the joy of non-duality in duality. 

The snake would curl itself on the head and raise its hood and Tirtharama would fondly play his hand on it. 

In fact, the hidden message given by the idol of Lord Shiva is that even poisonous snakes forget their cruel nature in presence of Love-incarnate Lord Shiva.Deep in the heart of every being, there abides the Supreme Self. the Love Absolute. It is the divine love that gives eternal joy to man. 

When we are away from divine love, we start finding pleasure in sense enjoyments, and invites all troubles.

When I was in the caves of Mount Abu, sometimes a snake would enter the cave. Once I happened to step upon it but it didn’t bite me. Once a bear happened to come on my way. I was on my morning stroll at around 3 or 4 o’clock when I saw a bear in front of me.Normally, a bear would pounce upon one coming its way but it did nothing of the kind and left me unharmed. 

Even ferocious animals forget violence (From Pujya Bapuji experience-soaked discourses)


This incident dates back to four or five years ago. One evening, I happened to take a stroll in the forest near our Rishikesh Ashram. Suddenly a huge leopard came to pass in front of me. 

The distance between the leopard and me was barely around 10-15 feet.

 It must have seen me from a distance but I could see it only when it had already passed. 

The animal’s belly was shrunken which indicated it was famished. Such a predator passed me very closely but it didn’t hurt me at all. Under the  influence of your spiritual aura, even the most violent and ferocious animals forget their violent nature.

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