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Delusion Got Removed After Attending Camp

I am first rank holder in school. Before coming to ashram, I was in delusion that I am an expert. But after participating in this camp in ashram, I think I was wrong. I do not have any knowledge relating to pranayama, Yogasan, stories and histories of great Indian leaders which are not taught in our schools. I feel Bapuji and Ashram provides real knowledge which is useful in every walk of life.

I kindly request out sirs in this camp, to conduct these kinds of camps in quarterly and half yearly holidays and extend the period of the camps. I am very much thankful to my parents who sent me to this camp.
In all the programs in the ashram, they teach us the importance of parents and tell not forget parents. Parents are equal to God. Pujya Bapuji explains us “Sarva Tirth Mayi Mata, Sarva Dev may Pita”!
In ashram, we learnt techniques to memorize things easily and also learnt moral stories. Many thanks to all who organized this camp.
- K. Sanjay
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