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Saint : The Life-breath of A Nation

Tomaraja was the king of Kaivarta state. Once it so happened that a visitor from a neighboring state was insulted in Kaivarta. That person went back and said, “The citizens of our kingdom are blatantly insulated in the kingdom of Tomaraja.In due course the message made its way to Vishwajita, the king of that state. He said, “I cannot tolerate the insult of even a sweeper of my kingdom. I am proud of my citizens. It is the citizens; who make the king great. Of what use is the king who cannot protect his subjects from insults? O Commander, you lay a siege to the kingdom of Kaivarta, and have a firm determination to defeat that state in war. I too shall join you there if need be.”The Commander said, “No Your Majesty! We shall manage it ourselves.
King Vishwajita thought they would conquer King Tomaraja easly.
The king of Kaivarta no doubt was a small king, but he was the devotee and disciple of a saint who was in communion with God, the greatest of the great. This was the reason why it was found to be extremely difficult for Vishwajita to attain victory in the war. As the war continued for four days, with no significant success coming their way, the king said, “These enemies couldn’t have stood against us for even an hour, and yet just see how they are stretching it for days together with massive losses on our side! What after all is the matter? Do anything you must; for it is only by pulverizing them that we can avenge the insult of our citizen.”
The soldiers could do nothing on the war front, but one day they managed to arrest a citizen of Kaivarta, saint Sri Devalashwaji on charges of spying; while he was passing through the area where Vishwajita’s army were camping. The saint was blissfully ignorant about the danger of passing through the enemy camps. He wasn’t spy, but Vishwajita thought, ‘We are not going to win the war; so why not hang this citizen of the enemy kingdom and douse the fire of venom raging in our hearts!’  He roared, “He will be sentenced to death. He will be hanged.”
Though named ‘Vishwajita’, i.e. ‘the conqueror of the world’, he was defeated by inner enemies such as anger, jealousy and egotism. One who hears satsang and conquers all passions is the true ‘Vishwajita’ otherwise so many were named ‘Vishwajita’ when they were born but they died without becoming ‘Vishwajita’ in true sense.
When the people of Kaivarta state came to know that their beloved saint Sri Dewalashwaji had not only been arrested; but was also sentenced to death by hanging in near future; they all stopped taking food and water. They held a mass prayer. They said, ‘O God, no such an injustice should not be done to your beloved innocent saint at any cost.’ The king too was informed about this matter. He became calm for a while and began to think over the strategy ahead. When faced with some big trouble that can’t be surmounted by individual effort, one should seek support from a powerful man. Kings are generally rajasic  in nature (characterized by anger, action, passion, envy etc.), yet this king thought, ‘One of their citizens was insulted and they attacked us to avenge the same; have they have captured our revered saint, who is absolutely innocent. It is altogether another issue that they have arrested him on the false charges of spying. Oh God, what should I do now?...’
One fine morning a stranger came to the royal court of Vishwajita, and said, “I have brought the message of Tomaraja, the king of the neighbouring Kaivarta.”
“I see, that’s a very small state, and still continuing the battle. So, has he now accepted defeat?”
“No, he hasn’t accepted defeat nor is he going to accept it ever; but you have arrested a saint of our state. So, king Tomaraja has sent the message that he is ready to pay 2 crores gold coins for the release of the saint.”
“2 crores!  You mean 2 crores gold coins for releasing just one person!
“He is not a mere person; he is the Soul of the universe having experienced oneness with the Supreme Consciousness. People get peace of mind listening to his pious words. People become virtuous souls on having His darshan. He is a saint.”
“Is Dewalashwaji a saint? But he has been arrested on charges of spying; and how can we release an enemy spy, even if he be a saint?”
“The king of Kaivarta has sent a request, ‘Whatever additional conditions may be put forward by you; they are all acceptable to us. If 2 crores gold coins fall short of your expectations, we won’t mind giving away our entire kingdom; but we can’t tolerate the assassination of  a saint of our stte.”
Vishwajita was left shocked, “What after all is so special about that saint?”
“He is a saint. He is free from ignorance. ‘I am the body and I am subject to birth and death,’ is the common notion of a worldly man. Whereas, his realization is ‘I am the Soul, I am unborn and deathless.’ The whole society earns huge religious merits just by having darshan of such a man of Knowledge; and due only to his pious presence we, a small kingdom, are able to wage war for a long time with none other that a great emperor like you. The supreme value and importance of the blessings, guidance and grace of a saint is known to the king of Kaivarta.”
“So, will Tomaraja really pay 2 crores gold coins to me?”
“Yes, certainly.”
“But, you are completely unknown to me; how can I trust you? I need some concrete evidence.”
That unknown man then extended his right hand towards the king. There was an inscription on his brilliantly dazzling ring….’Kaivarta-king, Tomaraja’. On seeing that, Vishwajita quickly jumped down from his throne and embraced him affectionately, saying…”O King, it’s you ! You have come early in the morning to beg for the release of the saint all alone and weapon-less, without even caring for your own life! You have enlightened me to a great truth. Now, there is no question of continuing this war; please accept me as your friend. Even befriending one; who is protected by a saint is sure to bring me good.” The massacre of soldiers was stopped, the bloodshed came to an end; there was a blessed flow of love all around.
I would like to congratulate the Kaivarta-king, Tomaraja a thousand times. Who can ever harm the kingdom; which is protected by a saint; and whose ruler is a great Guru-Bhakta like King Tomaraja. Since then the two neighboring states became allies.
There is another story similar to this. Iran was at wars with the Turks; and there was no sign of a resolution. The Turks suffered heavy losses on the battlefield. Under such circumstances Fariduddin Attar, a Sufi saint from Iran, happened to pass through the battle field. The Turks took him for an enemy spy and immediately arrested him. Knowing him to be an Iranian saint, they took an revengeful decision in anger to infliet death penalty on him. When the Emirs of Iran came to know of this, they sent an immediate message, “Please take diamonds and precious stones equal to the weight of the saint, but in no case should you deprive us of having darshan of a saint of our country.”
The egotist Turkish Sultan did not agree to this proposal.
At this, the Iranian King said, “If the offered amount of precious jewels is less than what is required by you; please feel free to take over the entire sate of Iran, but please don’t hang the beloved saint of our nation to death.”
“What’s so unique about him? He looks to be an ordinary man.”
“Well, he may seem to be an ordinary man; but actually, he is a great saint capable of helping one meet God. The world will be filled with darkness, if he leaves the world in this fashion.
Respect for a Brahmajanani (God-Realized) saint is respect for the humanity. This is actually the respect for human wisdom and spiritual development. Rarely does such a Self-realized saint visit the earth. You may take over my state of Iran; but please release our beloved saint in return.”
The Turkish Sultan was also a human being. He said, “You have opened my eyes today. You respect such saints and fakirs; who are capable of helping us meet God Almighty; how can I ever take your kingdom for release of such a great saint? Please come, let’s embrace each other. Due to this great saint, our enmity is gone forever.”
भाग होया गुरु संत मिलाया | प्रभ अविनाशी घर में पाया ||
“By good fortune, I have met the saint, the Guru. I have found the immortal Lord within the home of my own Self.”
The period of time we sit at the holy feet of Self-realized saints and hear their pious words is invaluable. One can never truly measure the actual amount of religious merits earned during that time.
तीरथ नहाये एक फल, संत मिले फल चार |
“Taking a bath in the holy waters of a pilgrim center gives one fruit, Dharma. Meeting a saint gives four fruits (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha).”
Having darshan and hearing satsang of a saint fructifies all the four goals of human life- Dharma, Atha, Kama and Moksha. And if we get Mantra-Diksha from the saint, he becomes our Guru; then we begin to get infinite merit from Him; such a merit that is imperishable.
सद्गुरु मिले अनंत फल, कहत कबीर विचार ||
“After deep reflection Kabir Says,”On meeting a Sadguru one attains infinite fruit.”
The fruits of virtuous deeds are spent though enjoying pleasures, while those of sins are exhausted upon experiencing the pains caused by them. But the fruits of having darshan and hearing satsang of the Guru is not destroyed by giving either pleasure or pain; rather they lead one to the union with Infinite Brahman making one a liberated soul.
- Rishi Prasad- July 2013


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