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Precious Human Life

 Once a King who had gone for a ride in the forest lost his way. He came across small cottage while wandering and went inside. The inhabitant of the cottage served food to the famished King.

Being satisfied the King said, “Friend! You saved my life when I was in dire straits. I am the ruler of this land .Come, I will show you a sandalwood forest half a mile away from here.”

Showing the sandalwood forest to him, the King said,”I hand over this sandalwood forest to you .Cut as many tree as you want, earn a lot and live happily.”
The King left. That fool went on cutting trees, making charcoal and selling it. When the rainy season came, he had cut down almost all the trees except for a few. Because of the rain he couldn’t burn the wood and make charcoal, therefor he went to sell wood itself. Smelling the fragrance of the wood. People paid him more money. A few customers gathered together, “Brother! This is sandalwood. How much will you sell for? Take ten, or even twenty units of money.”
The Woodcutter exclaimed, “So much money for just this much wood!”
“Stupid this is sandalwood if you have any more wood like this, bring it for us.”
The woodcutter began cursing his luck.”Oh, no! There was so much sandalwood but out of ignorance I burnt it to coal .I sold a forest of sandalwood for just the price of coal.

That foolish woodcutter sold sandalwood for the price of coal. However we are wasting our life, which is capable of attaining God, which is invaluable in comparison to sandalwood, in the pursuit of desires we are committing a much greater mistake then the one committed by the woodcutter. We are robbing ourselves of our Self-Glory for this body which will die and decay. 

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