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How To Develop Your Ability


Rohan was an intelligent student of seventh standard. He always excelled in study as well as in sports, social service and other good deeds. He got up early in morning and after doing daily ablutions he changed his Guru-mantra, listened satsang, meditated on Gurudev in the center of his eyebrows, and then started his studies. He listened satsang regularly and practiced sublime thoughts heard in satsang in his life.

All the students and teachers of the school loved him, but his classmate Ramesh was jealous of him. Ramesh remained busy whole day remembering his lessons; even he did not spend his time in sports. When he saw Rohan doing service and hearing satsang, he thought it was wastage of time.

Once, when the result was declared, he complained against Rohan to his teacher:     “Sir, Rohan devotes more time to extracurricular activities like japa, meditation, satsang, social service, etc. than to studies.  Yet, I got less marks than Rohan.  I am sure Rohan resorts to some foul tactics in exams.”

The teacher replied,” I shall answer you tomorrow in the presence of all students in the classroom.”

On the next day curious Ramesh reached the school before all other students. Teacher was a satsang-lover. As he entered the classroom, he narrated a story:
‘There was a wood cutter who earned his wages cutting woods for a rich man. One day the rich man assigned the work to another woodcutter cut woods five times more than the senior woodcutter became annoyed and said to the rich man,” I am your old servant.

So in fairness, you should have increased my wages. But you paid him wages five times of those paid to me on the first day itself. It is injustice to me. We both worked for the same number of hours.”

Merchant said,” Look, it is right that you both worked for the same time, but he has cut woods five times than you did. Now you try to find out how did he cut five times more woods than you. Applying his techniques, you can do the work ten times more.”

Next day the senior woodcutter started his work near his junior and noticed that his junior was taking some rest after cutting some woods. He sharpened his axed and started his work again with great zeal. 
The hard branches, which he would require to give 5-6 blows to cut and get tired in the process, were cut by the junior in a single blow. Therefore, he cut more woods than the senior did in the specified time interval.
The senior learnt the technique seeing his junior. On the third day, first of all he sharpened his axe and then started cutting woods. Now he could cut with only 3-4 blows a branch that needed 20 blows previously. At evening, he was surprised to see the woods cut by him was more than what he used to cut before. Having rest in between his work, he did not feel fatigue. According to his work he got more wages.”

All the students were listening to this story with rapt attention. Wishing good for all, the teacher looked affectionately at Ramesh, and said,” Ramesh, do you know who were those woodcutters? What were their axes? Who was the rich man?”

Ramesh’s face bloomed. He stood up from his place and ran to embrace Rohan. Tears of love were flowing from his eyes. On seeing his heart change, the eyes of all students and the teacher also got wet.
After some moments of deep silence, saluting his teacher, Ramesh said,” Sir, I have come to know that I am the senior woodcutter who being at fault himself burning with jealousy blamed others.

This lovely Rohan is the junior woodcutter who has obtained the key to unlock the treasures of success from his Sadguru. Our wisdom is the axe. Rohan sharpens it by practice of japa, meditation, satsang, silence, etc. God is the rich man who keeps accounts of our works and gives fruits according to our works.”

The teacher said,” Right, Right, son Ramesh. Now Ramesh and Rohan were not two individuals; they had become two bodies having one soul, two minds with one substratum of the Existence Absolute, two hearts beating the same sound.”

All students greeted their beloved teacher humbly, and resolved to tread the highway to success pointed by him. Will you forget this story after sometime or use it to cultivate wisdom and good sense? Do assimilate it and make progress in life. Bravo! 

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