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Follows the footsteps of saints

In Maharashtra there is a place named Miraj. Once Jalal khan, the special officer of this area, in the course of his patrolling came to the place where Swami Jai Ram was delivering religious discourses. As Jalal khan had been brought up in an atmosphere of religious zealotry where the children are fed are hatred for Hinduism, his mind was filled with ill will against Hindu religion as well as Hindu saints. He had come to the satang with an intention mind to criticize the saint.
Babaji said in the Satsang,”He who follows in the footsteps of saints verily attains to the Supreme Lord.”Hearing these words, Jalan Khan Saw therein an opportunity to embarrass the saint. The next day he sent message for the saint and said, “You said in your discourse that he who follows in the footsteps of saints verily attains to the Supreme Lord. I’ll follow in your footsteps. Let me have darshan of your Tutelary Deity, Lord Rama. Now, go and make arrangements for Lord Rama’s darshan by tomorrow, otherwise be prepared to face the consequences. ”This implied that the punishment would be severe. Swami Jairam became unnerved for a few minutes. He went to the bank of river. Samartha Ramdasji had also come there to have dip in the river.
One should take a bath before sunset, not after it. Even a body wet with perspiration needs to be wiped with some coarse cloth or towel. One should not keep the body wet during the night. Samartha Ramdasji came out of the river after having a dip Swami Jairamji narrated the entire incident to him.
At first he said, “Dear brother, how can I help in such a situation? One should speak cautiously in the presence of such detractors and uninitiated people. ”Samartha scolded him a bit. Jairam swami said, “Your Holiness! Now I have to face these miscreants. Only you’re my savior.”
Samartha said,”Alright! You tell Jalal Khan, ‘me and another saint will proceed in the morning,’ after our daily practice of worship etc. You should follow us. If you will follow our path, your meeting with Lord Rama will be arranged. A message was sent to Jalal Khan. He thought.”Let me see how the meeting is arranged. If they remain unsuccessful, instead of one saint, I shall make both of them meet the dire consequences.”

Jalal Khan arrived there in time. Ramadasji said, “Follow us!” As they went on, they reached near the Miraj Fort. Seeing the small holes in the wall of the fort meant to fire the guns, Samarthaji used his yogic power to become subtle and minute. With the force of his will-power, Samarthaji became minuscule and passed through a tiny hole to enter the fort. Using his will power, he helped Swami Jairam also enter the hole and enter the fort.
Samarthaji said,”Jalal Khan! You too follow the path we’ve trodden. Lord Rama is standing here. Come! I shall arrange your meeting with him.”
Jalap Khan Head hung in embarrassment. How could an egotist, who identified himself with a physical body and believed only in physical force, reach there? The saints had attained divine and spiritual power. The possessor of mere physical force could not match them.
He begged pardon from Samarthaji and promised, “In future I shall never dare to twist and distort the meaning of precepts given by any Hindu saint during his discourses.’
Amazing is the power and vigour of great men when they are reposed in Self.


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