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When Should One Feel Sorrow


 There lived a sadhu named Kotikarna in the city of Kurghar, in Avanti Province. A lady Katiyani went to the sadhu to have his darshan. 
Kotikarna spoke after getting absorbed in the Supreme Self. So she got peace of mind. A lamp was burning in the place where Kotikarna was delivering his discourses.
Katiyani thought: ‘I could not render any service to him. Let me give the oil I have at my home to fuel this lamp.’So she told her maid, “Go and bring the oil that is stored in my house.”
Two maids went to the house. They found that thieves had broken into the house and their chief was keeping a watch all around. The terrified maids rushed to the place and told Katiyani,” You should better rush to the house.
Thieves have broken into your house. Their chief is keeping a watch all around. Therefore we could not pick up courage to raise an alarm and have come running to you. Take urgent steps before thieves take your wealth away.”
The maids had acted with typical feminine timidity not knowing that the chief of the thieves had followed them and was listening what they said.
Katiyani said,” What will they take away- food grains, ornaments, clothes, money?
They will take away only what I have to leave behind eventually. Sit down here. Keep silence. Let us listen to satsang to get the knowledge that could be carried with us even after death. 
The possessions, if they are saved from the thieves will anyway be snatched by death from us. There is no need to be so anxious about the loss of things which are bound to be lost sooner or later. Don’t worry. We will listen to satsang and go home only after the satsang is over.”
Not only the maids were surprised but the ringleader of thieves was also surprised. He thought,” We are hankering after these perishable things, and she says,’Let them be stolen.
We will have to leave them at the time of death.  And the thieves too will have to lose them at the time of death. And in the bargain, they will suffer the consequences of their evil acts that would make us suffer from horrible consequences.”
“We should feel sorrow when we decide to steal. We should feel sorrow at the time of committing theft, thinking of the evil consequences that are bound to ensue. But we do not feel sorrow on neither of these times.
We feel sorrow only when we are caught by the police or are consigned to hell. Is it not foolish? We are big fools!”
One should be sorrowful at the time of harboring an evil intention. In the satsang too, similar topic was discussed,’ The person who indulges in evil deeds does not feel regrets either at the time of making a decision to do that or at the time of doing the evil act;
he feels sorrow only when he suffers the consequences of his evil intention and evil doings. For example, one should feel sorrow when resolves to satisfy one’s lust. One feels no sorrow at that time nor is one regretful at the time of sexual indulgence.
One repents only after satisfying lust when one feels exhausted, and thereby invites premature old age and diseases.
Thieves similarly don’t feel sorrow when they make resolve of committing theft or at the time of committing theft. Only when the wretched souls are punished by the police, are sent to jail or consigned to hell, they feel sorrow. How foolish are they!’ The leader of the thieves was hearing all this.
After the satsang, he fell at the feet of Kaiyani. Then he said to his companions,” Return all goods that you have stolen and take refuge with this divine lady.
The great woman who prefers the loss of all the wealth to that of satsang is a goddess on earth.
The thieves and their leader asked forgiveness.
Such is the divine glory of satsang! A thief was transformed by listening to satsang for only a few minutes. He was made a virtuous soul through the gift of right knowledge. Satsang turns the worst of sinners into a virtuous soul.
If one does not have satsang (good company) in one’s life, one will definitely fall in Kusang (evil company). Evil company makes one do evil deeds and fall into the ditch of degradation. Satsang delivers men; it makes them great. So great is the power of satsang!
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