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When the clay model-child spoke and saluted the Guru

Scriptures are replete with such astounding accounts of yogic miracles as would be disbelieved be today’s uninitiated man who follows the dictates of his mind. Yogi Matsyendranath was the Guru of Gorakhnath. While travelling from place to place they saw a quiet place near a pond free from nuisances and fit for Yoga Sadhana. So they decided to stay there.
Matsyendranathji said, “Son Gorakh at this place of solitude you can master the Sanjivani Vidya (the science of bringing the dead back to life) that you have been hearing about so often. There are four prerequisites to it. The first three are an unflinching faith, readiness and Brahmacharya (continence)- all of which you already have; and the fourth is solitude. So just stay here and do japa of the mantra with concentration of mind. Attain mastery over Sanjivani Vidya.”
“As you wish, O Gurudev!” – said Gorakhnathji.
The Guru went ahead. Now, this Yogi engaged himself in doing japa with such a one-pointed concentration that his entire body got charged with the essence of that mantra. Even today, there are many sadhakas who do japa so well that their bodies become charged with the essence of the mantra. When he/she prepares a roti or cuts brinjals – the figure of AUM (ॐ ) This is the experience of thousands. They are worldly people who tell lies, and succumb to conjugal attraction; and yet the effect of their japa is observed on the roti. So no wonder if an accomplished Yogi like Gorakhnathji, who was a perfect celibate doing sadhana in complete solitude, achieved quick success in japa of the Sanjivani mantra.
Some children from the nearby village, Kanak, used to come there to play near the pond. One day they took some mud from the pond and made a clay model of bullock-cart. But they failed to make the cart man. Then the boys thought of getting help from the Yogi living in that place. They approached him and said, “Babaji, please make us a cart man with this mud.”
Babaji somehow convinced them away, “Hey, you children go back to your homes, I won’t make any cart man for you.” He thought, ‘If I make things for them, I will get engrossed in public contact.’
However, the children came the next day again and requested, “Please help us Babaji! See, we are children and you can make the cart man.”
This time Babaji was moved by their polite and loving insistence. He began to make the cart man. When sadhakas prepare roti, they do not anticipate the appearance of the image (AUM) on it. They just prepare the roti as usual, and all of a sudden the influence of (AUM) appears on it. Charged as he was with Sanjivani mantra, Gorakhnathji kept shaping the different body parts of the cart man, and all of them went on turning alive. It showed vital movements. As the model was completed, it said, “Salutations to you, O Guruji.”
Gorakhnathji was astounded, and the children too were shocked. Modern man would call it sheer humbug. I haven’t mastered the Sanjivani Vidya myself, but to such people I advise to do sadhana as per my instructions and that will make them attain so incredible powers as would convince them about the possibility of such miracles. I had done a 40 day long anushtahna and the divine wealth I attained through it is so inexhaustible that I have been distributing it for the last 48 years and yet it doesn’t decrease at all. It is verily the impact of that divine treasure which keeps people wait for me for hours at a stretch. If after getting initiated, one does sadhana with one-pointed concentration, self-restraint and earnestness, the outcome will make one after degrees and qualifications? How great are the spiritual gains made by Pujya Bapuji with just class three education!’
Yogi Gorakhnathji ordered the clay model-child to sit on an asana, which he obeyed. The children, however, fled the place thinking the idol being possessed by a ghost. They spread the news in the entire village. People came running to see the matter personally and found a child sitting there. Impressed by his yogic powers they honoured Gorakhnathaji. In the mean time Guru Matsyendranathji came there after begging alms from the villagers. He had brought with him alms and some milk in a wooden jug. Then he boiled the milk, cooled it and gave it to the clay child. The child readily sipped the milk. A living child made from mud! But even our bodies too are made from mud only, made from the sexual fluids of our parents.
Matsyendranathji cast his gracious glance on the child. The villagers began to visit that place regularly. The atmosphere of solitude got vitiated, and was not fit for sadhana. The Yogis decided to leave that place. Just then a childless Brahmin couple, Madhu and his wife Ganga came there and prayed to the Babaji. The villagers told him that the couple was childless.
The Yogis understood the matter. Guru Matsyendranathji said, “See, go home and make grand preparations to welcome this young Yogi, and we will come there shortly. He will be instrumental in bringing salvation to your seven generations. Bring this child up knowing him to be a Yoga prodigy. We too shall keep visiting him from time to time. Then a time will come when he will renounce everything and engage himself in activities for the welfare of the masses.”
Preparations were complete for the sacramental adoption of the child. The villagers decorated the entire Kanak village with the pious leaves of Ashoka tree. And there was an atmosphere of veritable celebration with the jubilant music played on shahanai and different percussion instruments. It was a rare occasion of two great Yogis coming with their yogic creation, a prodigious child.
आज रे आनंद भयो म्हारा सदगुरु आया पांवना ...
‘There is joy all around today; My Sadguru is my guest.’
The child’s feet were washed with panchamrita. The Brahmins versed in Vedas sang aarati while waving lamps in front of the child. They said, “O great Yogi, the unborn soul ! You are born not by the common way of procreation ! O Lord ! Please stay at this house. Though you are the father and the mother of all, Madhu and Ganga will act as your father and mother.
The child was duly handed over to them. So the Yogis decided to leave the place; which was not fit for Samadhi. For them the prestige was worthless like the faecal matter of a pig. They left the place.
How great is the Self-God! God doesn’t create the world sitting in seventh heaven. He creates just here. The clay model-child grew up to become an illustrious Yogi. He is one of the 84 Siddhas (perfected ones possessing miraculous powers); as recorded in the annals of Siddha Yoga. He is one of the nine siddha yogis known as ‘Gahininath’ considered as great.
- From Rishiprashad – June 2013

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