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Hanuman ji and Arjuna

 Once Arjuna and Hanumanji were engaged in a discussion. Hanumanji said,'We constructed a bridge over the sea using big boulders' Lord Rama and the Vanarsena reached Lanka' Lanka was destroyed. Lord Rama fought a fierce battle against Ravana, defeated him and we emerged victorious.'

Arjuna said, 'O Pawanputra! All that you said sound reasonable, but I fail to understand why you put so much effort to construct a bridge over the sea. You should have called someone like me who would have constructed a bridge with his arrows in a few minutes.'
Hanumanji said, 'Well, I agree that you could have constructed a bridge with your arrows. But it would have collapsed under my weight alone. And you know there were so many Vanaras like me in our army. The entire army was to cross the sea. It would have created problems.'
Arjuna replied, 'The entire army could have crossed the sea. There would have been no problem at all.'
Hanumanji retorted, 'Is that so' All right. You make a bridge. If it can bear my weight, I shall accept that the whole army could have crossed the bridge of arrows.'
Arjuna started shooting arrows onto the sea. Within no time, a bridge was built. Hanumanji jumped on the bridge and started walking. The bridge started to shake. Arjuna was perturbed. He invoked the grace of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Consciousness. The bridge quivered but it did not break or collapse in the sea. Hanumanji exerted a lot of pressure but the bridge bore it all.
Hanumanji said, 'Your Bridge is really very strong! It was shaky in the beginning, but all of a sudden something transpired and it became firm and strong.' 
Just then, Sri Krishna arrived there. Hanumanji said, 'Oh! You had invoked the grace of Lord Krishna. Therefore, the Lord's supreme power worked and supported the bridge from underneath. The bridge bore my weight not on the strength of your arrows, but on the strength of your faith.'
Arjuna said, 'In that case, the bridge you made was also sustained not by the strength of the boulders or any technique, but by the sheer strength of your faith and resolve.'
Sri Krishna approved of what both of them said and showing them his back, added, 'When Arjuna invoked me calling Krishna' Krishna' I had to go underneath the bridge and support it.'
In this instance it was only the bridge of arrows that Sri Krishna supported, but the Lord had taken due care of Arjuna's life as well. Therefore Arjuna's victory was not a matter of surprise. 
'Wherever there is Krishna, the Lord of Yoga, alongwith Arjuna, the wielder of the Gandiva, there is prosperity, victory, glory and righteousness; such is my conviction.'
The verse says that victory comes to the side that has the benign grace of Lord Krishna and Self-effort of one like Arjuna. In reality, the Lord is there on everybody's side, but the slothful and negligent ones do not win. On the other hand, there are people who make efforts but don't invoke the grace of the Lord. Success eludes them too. Even if one is successful by Self-effort without invoking the Lord's grace, that success is marred by egotism of having done something. This ego in itself is the mark of failure. If the Lord is ignored and no efforts are made either, then that too is not desirable. But where man's efforts are supported by God's grace, as Sanjay says, victory is bound to follow.
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